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Image by Wil Stewart


Oils For The Boys

Hi I'm Richard -

The scent loving, aroma diffusing , therapeutic grade , oil using, part of the revolution, always got an oil for that kinda guy. 

I go by Dad mostly , the king of my castle (when the girls let me be), the cook and master chef of the kitchen , fixer of all things broken , but ready for a tea party when i'm called upon. 

Oils have always been part of my life, mostly it had to do with cars and mechanics, but within the last few years I have accepted, with open arms, Essential Oils as a tool for my family. This section is for the guys, dudes, bro's or whoever are feeling lost, confused, not sure if they should eat it, smell it, smear it, throw it or runaway from it kind of people. I'm here to help the men understand it and how it's worked in my life and how any male can incorporate Essential Oils in their life. 

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