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Our Story

We have 5 kids 1 natural my niece and grandson that we adopted and two children that we have committed to be their parents.I, Michelle, have been a mom since I was 16. 

Richard and I have been together for 26 years married for 25

Richard is a full time stay at home dad and homemaker, Michelle is a social worker and idea generator. 

We're passionate about using natural products since our youngest came to us due to my first child , who is now an adult lives with autism and Michelle(his partner) losing her dad to cancer in 2017. 

DōTERRA came along when we needed it the most, our family was not healthy mind, body, or spirit. 

With DōTERRA we have been able to teach our children how to meet their needs naturally and not just put a band-aid on it but to work with natural products to heal our bodies,minds and hearts. 

Both Richard and I are adopted, and with children from varying and diverse backgrounds, that have suffered from trauma and loss, we have been fortunate to work with them and help them overcome the odds, together as a family we have been able to help meet their emotional and physical needs with the help of essential oils. 

Welcome to our family. 

- Michelle & Richard 

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